Pet Family


Pet Family is a distinctive product embodying a service that helps pet owners find their lost pet plus creates a community for pet lovers like ourselves.The service involves attaching a small and durable customised GPS tracking device to the pet, which broadcasts its position to all mobile platforms and computers.  What makes us different is that we engage with our customers, we understand the love between a pet and its owner.

When a pet is lost, it is very traumatic and upsetting, so we provide customers with reliability and reassurance. Pet Family has a powerful networking infrastructure; customers can use the app or contact us on the help line to register their pet as missing and we will assist immediately. Once the pet is registered as missing an automatic feed will be sent out to the Police and other agencies as well as Pet Family subscribers in the same geographical region as the lost pet, increasing the level of help available. Subscribers can communicate  through the app to help each other to find their pets and to form supportive relationships with with each other.

Our Brand:

The Pet Family brand stands for secure and happy pets, and for secure and happy people. It stands for people who want to support each other and take responsibility.

 Our Beliefs:

  1. Bringing the community together.
  2. Providing a unique product.
  3. Excellent customer service.
  4. Security for pets and people
  5. Safe social networking.
  6. Reliable and easy to use